With us you can seek counselling for various addiction problems.

These can be problems in handling addictive substances such als alcohol, cannabis, medication and other drugs. Often it is not just about one addictive.

But these are also problems in dealing with leisure activities that have a high addiction potential.

These include

  • gambling at slot machines in gaming halls, casinos and restaurants, sports betting and other money transactions involving financial risk which are not foreseeable (lottery, speculations)
  • gaming, surfing, chatting and other activities whoth electronic media to an extent that ist self-destructive and leads to a neglect duties and possibilities.

The counselling offer applies to addicts, peaple at risk for addiction and their relatives. The only requirement is that they are 18 years of age or older.

We may also make an exception for unemployed adolescents who are referred to us by the youth employment agency (named Jugendberufsagentur) and offer counselling from the age of 15.

Relatives and persons who are close to peaple with addiction problems are not bound to a minimum age.

We offer therapy als medical rehabilitation for all poeple with addictive disorders. The preequisite for a therapy is abstinence which we help you achieve during the counselling phase.

We offer special treatment programs for substance-related addictions and behavioural addictions.

In addiction you also have for example, the opportunity to participate in supportive acupuncture and visit self-help groups.

For decades, Die Boje (meaning "the buoy") was specialised in counselling and treating young adults. Even after the abolishment of the age limit, special offers for young adults are provided. You can  find out more on the page U25.