Aftercare following treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation centre


Addiction aftercare can be taken by people with substance-related addictions, pathological gambling disorder and / or pathological internet addiction, following an inpatient or full-day treatment in a rehabilitation centre.

Oftentimes, the first months after inpatient therapy are a critical time at risk of relapse during which support is required. 

Or the therapy was intense, but individual questions and topics have not yet been dealt with, there are still problems around family, job, leisure time and social contacts and there is the danger of getting back into old habits.

Central topics of aftercare are: stabilising the success achieved in pre-treatment and improving the opportunities for participation (professional, social etc.). The application for addiction aftercare is made by the inpatient rehabilitation centre. However, under certain conditions, it is also possible to submit the application after completion of the inpatient therapy. We are happy to support you in this.

Aftercare takes place as a group offer. Individual conversations or conversations including relatives can, if necessary, be arranged at longer intervals or in crises.