Consultation hours in your area

Die Boje in Wandsbek: every Wednesday from 2 to 6 p.m., consultation without prior registration.

In addition to our consultation hours in the addiction help centre in Wandsbek, we also offer consultation hours at other locations.

Open consultation in Mümmelmannsberg

Die Boje in Mümmelmansberg: every Thursday from 2 to 5 p.m. we also offer open consultation in Mümmelmannsberg. Counselling takes place in the Protestant community centre Mümmelmannsberg, Havighorster Redder 50, 22115 Hamburg. You can come for a consultation without prior registration, or, first of all, simply to the café. The addiction counselling is confidential and free of charge and is carried out in cooperation with the Initiative seelische Gesundheit (mental health initiative) in the framework of the Beratungscafé (counselling café). You can reach the counselling at beratungundcafe(at) You can also get help for other problems and worries during this time in the counselling café.

Consultation hours at the youth employment agency Wandsbek

About once a month, unemployment benefit recipients can get a first addiction counselling there. Contact your case manager or your integration specialist for an appointment. In principle, however, if there is no consultation hour planned in the near future, you also have the possibility to come to the open consultation at the Boje.

Outside consultation in a different language

 If you need consultation in a language other than German, contact us in advance if possible. We organise language mediators in Wandsbek or Mümmelmannsberg. Details can be found here.