Addiciton counselling at suggestion from a youth emplyment agency, job centre or employment agency

The goal is clear: early help to avoid getting in the way of one's own career.

This also applies to people who have a risky proplematic or dependent approach to alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming or using other electronic media.

That ist why the addiction help services in Hamburg cooperate with the job centre, the youth emplayment agencies (Jugendberufsagenturen) and the employment agency (Arbeitsagentur). People who looked after there can turn to their case manager or integration specialist and point their problems with addiction. However, it can also be that they are addressed.

Addiction (risk) often impairs the long-term ability to work in various ways. Sometimes slowly and, for a long time, inconspicuously. In order for you to be able to realise a professional perspektive that suits your abilities, it is important to develop a low-risk approach to addicitve behaviour.

So, if you get approached and are referred to us, this is usually in your interest. It does not have to mean that your advisor in the job centre or (youth) employment agency "labels" you. Rather, you will be offered an opportunity to sort out - in an institution, with someone who is experienced in the field - whether you have a problem and if so, to develop together what be a reasonable and realistic change.