You need counselling, but speak little or no German?

Then there are three possibilities:

  • if you speak English: give us a call before the consultation and we will have a look if one of the employees who speaks English has time for a conversation.
  • if you speak Spanish: one of our employees speeks some Spanish. This could be enough fpr the introduction. Be sure to register for the open consultation, too, so that the employee has time for a conversation.
  • if you do not speak Spanish or English: Ask someone from your environment to contact us fpr an appointment. We will then try to organise a mediator who can take care of the translation. This is also possible for ongoing consultations and in almost all common languages such as Farsi, Turkish, Russion, Polish and French.

In any case, xou must reckon with the fact thet is can take some time until we can enable consultations in other languages. But we usually make it....