Individual counselling

At first, counselling takes place als individual, familiy or couple conversation. At the moment, we usually offer such first consultations as part of our open consultation hours on Wednesday afternoons. This conversation can provide initial impulses. But in many cases, it is beneficial to get follow-up-counselling.

Follow-up counselling are offered to you as soon as an employee has time to offer them weekly or 14-day appointments. After the first consultation, you will usually be advised by a person responsible for you.

Individual consultations take up to 45 minutes. Questions regarding the assessment of your problem, the function oft addictive behaviour and the gerenal life situation in connection with the addiction problem have a place here, as well as help in acute emergency situations and life crises.

Group counselling

However, you can also first participate only in the info group and check for yourself here whether you need further individual consultations. You can visit this group already in the following Monday afer your first consultation during the open consultation hours. Please note the box on the right for more information about the info group.

Would you like to paticipate in the info group, but only speak English?

Then there are two possibilities: bring a person of your trust with you who will translate for you during the meeting, or please clarify with us beforehand if a translation can be secured by us during the meeting.

The motivation groups are open as counselling groups to people who are looking for ways out of addiction, are in advanced individual counselling and would like to talk to other people who are also affected by addiction problems. The topics are: getting out of addiction, avoiding relapses, coping with stress and shaping everyday life. 


The info group takes place every Monday from 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.. It is a counselling course over four sessions. Each week a different topic is dealt with.

It is possible to join at any time. Everyone is welcome. Nobody has to do anything. The only requirement: to be sober / free of gaming or gambling / clean on the day of the group the group takes place.

Are you interested? Have you got any questions left?

Information about details and registration for the course is usually provided in an initial consultation in the during the open consultation hours on Wednesday (or Thursday in Mümmelmannsberg). If it is not possible, you can also contact us by phone or e-mail.