Addiction counselling for young adults

Even after the age limit has been abolished, we still want to reach young people with addiction problems early, so that we can support them their struggle for opportunities in life. For this, it does not depend on whether someone drinks a lot of alcohol or smoke cannabis or cannot resist the pull of the slot machines in the gambling hall or can't stop gaming on the computer.

Young adult with addiction problems need not only a withdrawal of the addicitve, but above all spaces to catch up in missed experiences and developmental steps.

We offer these spaces.

It is close to our hearts to reach young peaple early and quickly. Because they especially have al lot to lose through delayed help.

It is also closed to our hearts to provide opportunities for encounters of young peaole with addiction problems.

What do we do for that?

Check up!

With us, young people have the opportunity to think about the question of "too much?" and to exchange ideas with others - whether it is about alcohol, cannabis, medication, other drugs, gambling, betting, online gaming or chatting - without any moral implications, but more with the aim of finding a competent and appropriate way to deal with it. 

Addiction counselling in cooperation with youth employment agencies

We are responsible for addiction counselling for unemployed adolescents and young adults (so-called U25) troughout Hamburg. Further information can be found under cooperation with jobcentre


Schwindelfrei (free from giddiness) is a young addiction self-help group that meets in our rooms weekly. Further information can be found under self-help